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earth ~ water ~ fire ~ air ~ space

Experience a sound bath for the soul!

Come in for this unique holistic spa music session based on the five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and space. A sound table provides relaxing vibrations through the whole body, while simple instruments are played over you to re‍‍‍lease tension and stress. Find rejuvenation through this esc‍‍‍ape into the magic of holistic music.

Music has an amazing ability to connect directly with the heart and emotions, and to move energy in the body toward new vibrations. Focused holistic music-listening and music-making experiences facilitate the release of tension and the expansion of consciousness.

Music for ‍‍‍Wellness

Schedule a session

Schedule a session

Musixspa® is dedicated to the improvement of personal well-being and the expansion of consciousness through holistic music-making and music-listening experiences.

‍‍‍Drawing on techniques and research from the fields of Music Therapy, Sound Healing, Sound Yoga and Ayurveda, Musixspa is committed to providing unique guidance, instruction and resources for the experience of music ‍‍‍as a tool for total wellness.


Musixspa® aspires to offer everyone, non-musicians and musicians alike, the benefits of holistic music-making and music listening in a simple, safe, accessible and effective way.

‍‍‍Recognizing and understanding the inherent power of music for integrating body, mind an‍‍‍d spirit, Musixspa seeks to serve the community by reducing stress and uplifting everyday living with the inspiration of musical engagement.

Holistic Music Spa‍‍‍‍‍‍