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.I have worked with women managing ovarian & gynecologic cancers for the past twenty-five years.  As the facilitator of hundreds cancer support groups, I am very aware of the challenges and hazards that accompany a cancer diagnosis. I would love to help you on your cancer journey.
Karuna means "compassion" in Sanskrit.

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Cancer Support

While I am not a cancer survivor, I approach this work with "maitri."Maitri (pronounc‍‍‍ed “my-tree”) is a Sanskrit word that means “loving-kindness” or “unconditional friendliness.” It refers to unconditional and compassionate acceptance extended toward oneself and others. When maitri is extended to oneself, it is possible to find the way to a source of self-acceptance despite the circumstances, When maitri is extended to others, their true kindness and loving nature is honored.

A cancer counseling session is a combination of dialogue, meditation, expressive arts and professional counseling. Meditation and the arts are paths that can lead to a deeper understanding and self-awareness.

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